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Working papers

  1. Structural Determinants of Unequal Diffusion in Networks: The case of Brokerage
    Jahani, E., Eckles, D., and Pentland, A.
  2. Social Ties and the Debunking False Claims in Messaging Apps
    Pasquetto, I., Jahani, E., and Baum, M.
  3. Experimental Study of Network Effects on Unequal Outcomes
    Jahani, E., Pentland, A., and Eckles, D.


  1. Exposure to Common Enemies can Increase Political Polarization: Evidence from an Experiment with Automated Partisans
    Jahani, E., Gallagher, N., Merhout, F., Cavalli, N., Guilbeault, D., Leng, Y., and Bail, C.
    Under Review. 2020
  2. ScamCoins, S*** Posters, and the Search for the Next BitcoinTM: Collective Sensemaking in Cryptocurrency Discussions
    Jahani, E., Krafft, P., Suhara, Y., Moro, E., and Pentland, A.
    Proc. ACM Hum.-Comput. Interact. 2018
  3. Improving official statistics in emerging markets using machine learning and mobile phone data
    Jahani, E., Sundsøy, P., Bjelland, J., Bengtsson, L., Pentland, A., and Montjoye, Y.
    EPJ Data Science 2017

Lightly refereed

  1. Differential Network Effects on Economic Outcomes: A Structural Perspective
    Jahani, E., Saint-Jacques, G., Sundsøy, P., Bjelland, J., Moro, E., and Pentland, A.
    In Social Informatics. 2017